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Thank you verry much. Is there someone who would be interested to write about Bornholm?? --Rodejong (토론) 2011년 1월 6일 (목) 22:06 (KST)[]
Maybe, in my opinion, bornholm(보른홀름) is island of Denmark, isn't it? If you hope creation of 보른홀름 섬(섬 is mean island), I can do it. Thank you. --가람 (논의) 『Carpediem』 2011년 1월 7일 (금) 01:12 (KST)[]
That would be realy nice. If you have questions, you could ask me on my discussion page on the dutch Wikipedia. Kind regards--Rodejong (토론) 2011년 2월 21일 (월) 03:20 (KST)[]
Okay, sir. Please, wait. Thank you. --가람 (논의) 『Carpediem』 2011년 2월 21일 (월) 09:42 (KST)[]