Clever Raccoon Dog is the user who loves an adorable animal raccoon dog (Nyct­ereutes procyonoides), which of properties are motivated when the North Korean animation «Clever Raccoon Dog» made by The Scientific and Educational Film Studio of Korea is telecasted on KCTV(Korean Central Television). Presumably, naturally recognised and widely known that raccoon dogs have the intellectual appearance, and its figure in the animation lets many of children in the global world involving Uncle Sam, South Korea, Slovenia touched with useful and scientific knowledge.

It can be that the explanations of North Korean documents are occasionally in the lack of enough data provided by trustworthy institutions, since, in Korean websites, uneven information on North Korea is existed, which is as a result of coercive regulation of National Security Law. Albeit it is, Clever Raccoon Dog went on Wikipedia to improve these problems as much as I can. I am not still competent in the Wiki grammar. It will be welcomed if you let me know what point is wrong in my contribution. Thanks a million for visiting my user page.

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