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The following is a list of episodes from the FOX science fiction television series The X-Files. The series first aired on September 10, 1993 and ended on May 19, 2002 after nine seasons. Two theatrically released films were also made: The X-Files: Fight the Future, released in 1998, and The X-Files: I Want To Believe, released in July 2008. The entire series, totalling 202 episodes and two films, is available on DVD.

The list is ordered by the episodes' original air dates. Episodes marked with an asterisk (*) are part of the series' mytharc. Episodes with a double asterisk (**) are part of the series' Alien Mythology.

DVD releases편집

DVD releases of X-Files series
Season Episodes Discs Originally aired DVD release date
Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
1 24 7 19931994 May 9, 2000 November 6, 2000 November 22, 2000
2 25 7 19941995 November 28, 2000 April 30, 2001 April 20, 2001
3 24 7 19951996 May 8, 2001 November 26, 2001 November 12, 2001
4 24 7 19961997 November 13, 2001 April 22, 2002 April 24, 2002
5 20 6 19971998 May 14, 2002 October 14, 2002 November 11, 2002
6 22 6 19981999 November 5, 2002 March 17, 2003 May 13, 2003
7 22 6 19992000 May 13, 2003 September 22, 2003 October 20, 2003
8 21 6 20002001 November 4, 2003 March 14, 2004 April 14, 2004
9 20 7 20012002 May 11, 2004 June 7, 2004 July 27, 2004

Season 1 (1993-1994)편집

Ep# 제목 각본 연출 본방송일자 번호
"붉은 점의 비밀"
"The X-Files : Pilot"
크리스 카터Robert Mandel
Agent Dana Scully is assigned to work with Agent Fox Mulder on the X-Files in an attempt to debunk his work on the paranormal. Their first case has them investigating apparent alien abductions. A near comatose man, Billy Miles, is taking his classmates, including Theresa Nemman, into the woods, where they are killed in a flash of bright light.
"한밤의 UFO"
"Deep Throat"
크리스 카터Daniel Sackheim
Mulder & Scully travel to Idaho in order to investigate the disappearance of a military test pilot. They observe unusual aircraft activity, prompting Mulder to proclaim the existence of a government conspiracy. Mulder sneaks onto the military base and is spotlighted by one of the craft, but is captured by soldiers and has his memory erased before he is released.
"Squeeze"Glen Morgan & James WongHarry Longstreet
Mulder and Scully investigate a series of murders where there appears to be no tangible method for the murderer’s entrance and escape. Eugene Tooms, a seemingly normal janitor, is suspected by Mulder to be a mutant who kills his victims and extracts their livers in order to prolong his existence.
"Conduit"Alex Gansa & Howard GordonDaniel Sackheim
As Section Chief Blevins expresses his concern with the direction of the X-Files department, Mulder becomes obsessed with solving a case that closely parallels an ‘encounter’ he experienced as a child... the abduction of his younger sister, Samantha.
"The Jersey Devil"크리스 카터Joe Napolitano
The murder of a homeless man which is very similar in detail to a murder committed in 1947 leads Mulder and Scully to a legendary man-beast roaming in the forest near Atlantic City.
"Shadows"Glen Morgan & James WongMichael Katleman
When an unseen force commits several murders where a young woman is present, Mulder suspects that it is the spirit of the woman’s former boss who was believed to have committed suicide but was actually murdered and he is protecting her from his business partner.
"Ghost in the Machine"Howard Gordon & Alex GansaJerrold Freedman
A computer with highly advanced artificial intelligence begins to kill in order to preserve its existence when it is deemed inefficient to continue controlling the workings of an office building.
"Ice"Glen Morgan & James WongDavid Nutter
When an Arctic research team mysteriously kill each other and themselves only days after drilling deeper into the ice than ever before, Mulder and Scully accompany a team of doctors and scientists to investigate. They discover an organism which infects living creatures and amplifies the host’s feeling of anger and paranoia, and the new team starts to deteriorate as they wonder who among them are killers.
"Space"크리스 카터William Graham
A mysterious force is sabotaging a space launch program which leads directly back to the commander of the team, who once claimed to have seen an alien in space while witnessing Mars from Earth orbit.
"Fallen Angel"Howard Gordon & Alex GansaLarry Shaw
Mulder puts the future of the X-Files in jeopardy when he heads to a UFO crash site being rapidly covered up by the military. He is arrested and while in jail he meets Max Fenig, a UFO nut whose NICAP group has followed Mulder’s work on the X-Files. When Mulder is released, Scully urges him to return to Washington to face his superiors and try and save his job but Mulder finds out that Max is more than meets the eye and ignores Scully to try and save him instead.
"Eve"Kenneth Biller & Chris BrancatoFred Gerber
When two fathers on opposite sides of the country are inexplicably murdered at the exact same time in the exact same way, Mulder and Scully find that their eight-year-old daughters are perfect twins and were created in order to continue The Litchfield Experiment, a eugenics project of the 1950’s which produced cloned boys named Adam and girls named Eve who have heightened strength and intelligence, but are prone to psychotic behavior.
"Fire"크리스 카터Larry Shaw
Mulder investigates the deaths of British dignitaries at the behest of an old Oxford girlfriend. Bob/Cecil L’Ively is a pyrokinetic, and he wants Sir Malcolm Marsden’s wife. Cecil attempts to kill Marsden, with his ability to make fire come out of his hands, but Mulder stops him.
"Beyond the Sea"Glen Morgan & James WongDavid Nutter
A death row inmate named Luther Lee Boggs claims that he is psychic and can lead Mulder to a serial killer in exchange for a lesser sentence of life in prison. The agents’ roles are reversed in this episode, with Mulder doubting Boggs’ claim and Scully believing him after she is told that she can communicate through him with her recently deceased father.
"Gender Bender"Larry Barber & Paul BarberRob Bowman
A series of identical sexual murders, where the killer appears to be both male and female, draw Scully and Mulder to an Amish-type community of people who may be alien in origin.
"Lazarus"Alex Gansa & Howard GordonDavid Nutter
When FBI Agent Jack Willis and bank robber Warren Dupre are both shot at the same time during a robbery attempt, Dupre dies when Willis is brought back to life. When Willis rushes out of the hospital and begins acting strangely, Mulder concludes that Dupre has come back to life in Willis’ body.
"Young at Heart"Scott Kaufer & 크리스 카터Michael Lange
A psychotic criminal from one of Mulder’s past cases - John Barnett - is back to get revenge on Mulder for incarcerating him. Before Barnett’s release, a renegade doctor had found a way to reverse the aging process - using Barnett as his test subject. Mulder and Scully rush to catch the now-unrecognisable youthful Barnett before he carries out his threat to kill all of Mulder’s loved ones.
"E.B.E."Glen Morgan & James WongWilliam Graham
Mulder and Scully receive information from Deep Throat about a UFO that was shot down over Iraq and has been secretly transported to the US. However, Deep Throat then intentionally misleads the agents to prevent them from discovering the truth.
"Miracle Man"Howard Gordon & Chris CarterMichael Lange
Mulder and Scully travel to Tennessee to investigate the “Miracle Ministry” and its star attraction - a young man with the ability to heal people with his touch - when a person dies shortly after being healed. As more people start dying, the agents must unravel the earthly from the divine.
"Shapes"Marilyn OsbornDavid Nutter
Mulder and Scully head to an Indian reservation in northwestern Montana to investigate a manslaughter case which Mulder believes may relate to the very first X-File ever created at the FBI, and its main subject: Lycanthropy.
"Darkness Falls"크리스 카터Joe Napolitano
Mulder and Scully travel to the remote Washington State National Forest when an entire group of loggers goes missing.
"Tooms"Glen Morgan & James WongDavid Nutter
Eugene Victor Tooms (see “Squeeze”) is released from the psychiatric sanitarium in which he was incarcerated for assaulting Scully - and he needs to kill once more to get the final liver which will allow him to hibernate for another thirty years. Mulder and Scully race against time to find evidence of his involvement in the past string of murders before Tooms disappears again.
"Born Again"Howard Gordon & Alex GansaJerrold Freedman
After a detective and his former partner die in unexplained circumstances, the accidents are linked to a little girl who witnessed both deaths and Mulder believes that she may be the reincarnation of a policeman murdered by his colleagues.
"Roland"Chris RuppenthalDavid Nutter
Agents Mulder and Scully investigate series of murder in Mahan Propulsion Laboratory as a team of scientists die one by one and the only suspect is a mentally handicapped cleaner named Roland.
"The Erlenmeyer Flask"크리스 카터R.W. Goodwin
A seemingly unrelated car chase leads Mulder and Scully to a scientific lab encompassing a secret which could provide proof of a government conspiracy. However, individuals involved with the scientific experiment are being murdered, and the two agents must ensure their own safety. The two come across a flask containing strange DNA particles. All living things are built up of a string of four different DNA nucleotides, but this flask contains bacteria infected with a virus that uses a fifth and a sixth. Scully and Mulder believe that this could be firm evidence of extra-terrestrial life forms. Scully also finds a small head sized alien fetus- which changes her beliefs completely. At the end of this episode, the X-Files project is aborted.

Season 2 (1994-1995)편집

Ep# 제목 Writer(s) Director Original airdate Code
"Little Green Men"Glen Morgan & James WongDavid Nutter
With the X-Files shut down, Mulder finds his own belief in the truth waning. So when an old political ally gives him a new reason to believe, he goes alone to an abandoned SETI program site -- Arecibo Observatory -- in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Concerned for his safety, Scully has to track down his whereabouts before someone or something else does.
"The Host"크리스 카터Daniel Sackheim
When a man’s decomposed body is found in the sewers of Newark, Mulder is given the supposed “grunt” work. But after Scully’s autopsy turns up a parasite living inside the body and a sewer worker is attacked and bitten by something, it opens up a whole new can of worms.
"Blood"Glen Morgan & James WongDavid Nutter
A recent rash of killings in the small town of Franklin, Pennsylvania brings Mulder to profile the murderers — a task made more difficult by the fact that none of them had any previous history of violence and all died at the end of their berserk rages. The only clues he has are some destroyed electronics and an unknown organic substance. The events lead to the discovery of a bizarre experiment on the town.
"Sleepless"Howard GordonRob Bowman
An audio cassette hidden in his morning paper brings Mulder to request the case of a scientist’s death consistent with burning, despite the lack of any evidence of any flames or burns. He is given his request...along with a new partner, Agent Alex Krycek.
"Duane Barry"크리스 카터크리스 카터
An ex-FBI agent escapes from a mental hospital and holds several people hostage in a travel agency. Mulder and Krycek are sent in to help with the negotiations since the man claims to have been a UFO abductee.
"Ascension"Paul BrownMichael Lange
Discovering that Duane Barry abducted Scully, Mulder and Krycek set out to locate her and find themselves at Skyland Mountain retreat, where alliances are revealed, and Scully’s life is threatened after being kidnapped.
"3"Chris Ruppenthal, Glen Morgan & James WongDavid Nutter
A.D. Skinner reopens the X-Files, but Mulder is finding it difficult to work without the missing Scully. When he recognises a Los Angeles killing as the work of the Trinity murderers, a trio of killers with a fetish for drinking blood, it gives him work in which to immerse himself.
"One Breath"Glen Morgan & James WongR.W. Goodwin
When Scully mysteriously re-appears comatose in a hospital, Mulder drives himself crazy trying to find the people responsible. Though his quest for vengeance could make him exactly like those whom he despises.
"Firewalker"Howard GordonDavid Nutter
A malfunction in a robot designed for volcanic exploration yields evidence of a lifeform living in the caves. When this lifeform seemingly causes the death of a member of the research team, Mulder and a newly returned Scully are flown out to the site to investigate before anyone else dies.
"Red Museum"크리스 카터Win Phelps
Several Wisconsin teens are found wandering in the woods in their underwear with “He is one” scrawled on their backs. Mulder and Scully travel to investigate this aberrant behaviour, though the strangest thing in this meat-producing area is a cult of vegetarian “walk-ins.” Several relics from the mythology like Purity Control and Deep Throat are revisited here.
"Excelsis Dei"Paul BrownSteven Surjik
Mulder and Scully’s latest case begins with the rape and battery of a nurse in a Massachusetts convalescent home. What makes it an X-File is her claim that her attacker was invisible. But upon their arrival, they discover that the unrest is not limited only to the live-in residents.
"Aubrey"Sara CharnoRob Bowman
The body of an old FBI agent is unearthed in Aubrey, Missouri. A serial killer is also on the loose in Aubrey. Mulder and Scully must determine the killer’s identity with Lt. Tillman.
"Irresistible"크리스 카터David Nutter
A female corpse, dug-up and mutilated, is brought to Mulder’s attention by a Minnesota agent claiming it as the work of aliens. Mulder believes otherwise and is vindicated when a similarly mutilated prostitute is found. But while he gets down to business, the case begins having a disturbing effect on Scully.
"Die Hand Die Verletzt"Glen Morgan & James WongKim Manners
New Hampshire teenagers feign an occult ritual in an attempt to score and inadvertently cause the murder of one of their group. When Mulder and Scully are called to look into the matter, the town’s real worshippers attempt to hide their tracks, though they fear that the boys’ attempt to “get some” got them more than they thought.
"Fresh Bones"Howard GordonRob Bowman
When a soldier stationed at a resettlement camp for Haitians drives himself into a tree, Mulder and Scully are called by the grieving and fearful wife. Her fears of a voodoo curse seem only to be reinforced by the beliefs and actions of many of the local residents, including a few of the other soldiers.
"Colony"David Duchovny & 크리스 카터Nick Marck
A newspaper ad placed to locate a certain doctor sets off the murder of several people with the same face. When Scully and Mulder locate another look -alike, they work to find him before the killer does. Coming to Mulder’s aid is another familiar face, but one he wasn’t expecting. Samantha, Fox’s lost sister, and his father, William Mulder, appear in this episode.
"End Game"Frank SpotnitzRob Bowman
Reeling from the reunion with his sister, Mulder is thrown into a quandary when Scully is taken captive by the bounty hunter. However, when a trap set for him goes awry, the agents must head far north in order to attempt to unravel the mystery.
"Fearful Symmetry"Steve De JarnattJames Whitmore Jr.
The death of a federal construction worker and the destruction of various property can only be tied to an escaped elephant, yet the witnesses claim to have seen no animals which might have caused the turmoil. Soon, Mulder and Scully discover the local zoo whose claim to fame is that they’ve never had a successful animal birth.
"Død Kalm"Howard Gordon & Alex GansaRob Bowman
The agents are called in when a boatload of survivors from a US Navy Destroyer are found. What particularly catches Mulder’s inquisitive eye is that all of these sailors appear to have aged many decades in the course of days.
"Humbug"Darin MorganKim Manners
Mulder and Scully must find the paranormal among the abnormal when they are sent to investigate a long standing series of ritualistic killings which match no known patterns. The latest of which was the death of the “Alligator Man,” just one of many sideshow acts around which the town of Gibsonton, Florida is built.
"The Calusari"Sara CharnoMichael Vejar
A photograph taken just before the death of a two year – old boy yields evidence of some supernatural intervention which piques Mulder’s curiosity. When another death in the family occurs, the grandmother of the remaining child requests the aid of some Romanian ritualists (called calusari, “horsemen”) in order to cleanse the home of evil.
"F. Emasculata"크리스 카터 & Howard GordonRob Bowman
Mulder and Scully find themselves sent to a penitentiary in order to participate in the retrieval of two escaped convicts. Confused as to the reason for FBI involvement, they soon discover a highly contagious and deadly disease has infected many of the inmates, and possibly the two escapees as well.
"Soft Light"Vince GilliganJames A. Cotner
An ex-student of Scully’s asks the agents to help her with her first investigation concerning a number of disappearances with very few clues. Mulder ponders the idea of spontaneous human combustion but rethinks it when they find a man who is afraid of his own shadow.
"Our Town"Frank SpotnitzRob Bowman
Dudley, Arkansas is the site of the latest investigation for Mulder and Scully, who are sent to find a missing poultry inspector. The case takes a twist when another poultry worker is shot after she goes insane, giving Mulder a hunch that the townsfolk really are what they eat.
"Anasazi"크리스 카터R.W. Goodwin
The trust that Mulder and Scully have is sorely tested when Mulder begins acting strangely. His aberrant behavior is compounded when the Lone Gunmen directed him to a hacker who managed to break into some very closely guarded files. While Mulder’s investigation leads him to long-awaited answers, Scully finds her career on the line, and the Cigarette Smoking Man decides to take some action himself.

Season 3 (1995-1996)편집

Ep# 제목 Writer(s) Director Original airdate Code
"The Blessing Way"크리스 카터R.W. Goodwin
The Cigarette Smoking Man works quickly to recover the stolen computer files, but finds himself thwarted by a man whom he hoped was dead. Meanwhile, Scully finds herself at a loss for her next step and turns to her family for support, since Mulder is otherwise engaged fighting for survival.
"Paper Clip"크리스 카터Rob Bowman
Mulder and Scully search for answers regarding the old photograph with his father and other unnamed men. Their search takes them to the abandoned Strughold Mining Facility where they uncover a dangerous secret.
"D.P.O."Howard GordonKim Manners
Mulder is skeptical over a coroner’s report regarding the fifth person to be struck by lightning in a small Oklahoma town. Their investigation into the latest death seems to point to the only person to have survived a lightning strike, an emotionally-charged youth.
"Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose"Darin MorganDavid Nutter
Skeptical of a famous psychic’s predictions regarding the murder of several prognosticators, Mulder instead finds someone who he believes truly can predict the future. Catching the killer could prove difficult, though, particularly if the murderer can also see into his future.
"The List"크리스 카터크리스 카터
A death row inmate makes good on his promise to come back from the dead and kill the five people involved in his death. The fear of his retribution has everyone scrambling to determine if they are on the list, while Mulder and Scully attempt to determine how he has returned to execute his tormentors.
"2Shy"Jeff VlamingDavid Nutter
Meeting insecure women through an on-line service, a serial killer seduces his prey with the right words. However, Mulder and Scully determine these killings are far from ordinary by the presence of a strange substance coating the victims, a substance which seems to digest the fatty acids in flesh.
"The Walk"John ShibanRob Bowman
Another failed suicide attempt by a patient in a military hospital interests Mulder with the talk of a “phantom soldier” which has prevented the man’s death. The general in charge is at first opposed to the FBI’s involvement until the invisible killer begins stalking him. But none believe when the primary suspect is a quadruple amputee.
"Oubliette"Charles Grant CraigKim Manners
When a young girl is kidnapped from her home, a fast food worker miles away collapses on the job, apparently experiencing exactly what the child is feeling. When Mulder learns that the woman was kidnapped and held hostage for years as a child, he begins to believe that she may be the key to help find the missing girl.
"Nisei"크리스 카터, Howard Gordon & Frank SpotnitzDavid Nutter
A mail order videotape of an alien autopsy blossoms into a much more complicated investigation when Mulder and Scully find the distributor of the tape murdered in his own home apparently by a high-ranking Japanese diplomat. While Mulder’s search for the video leads him to a train car, Scully investigates a Mutual UFO Network group and discovers several women who claim to know her.
"731"Frank SpotnitzRob Bowman
Scully takes X’s advice to heart and investigates more into the implant she removed from her neck. She discovers the chip is Japanese and her search leads her to a leper colony in West Virginia, where, with the help of one of the inmates, she finds a pit filled with dead bodies. Mulder, having ignored the advice given him, finds himself trapped on the train with a Japanese scientist and the man sent to kill him.
"Revelations"Kim NewtonDavid Nutter
Mulder tracks a series of religiously motivated murders. Each of the eleven victims claims to have been stigmatic but all turned out to be frauds. When Mulder and Scully discover a little boy displaying inexplicable wounds of religious significance, they try to protect him from the killer they know will be coming.
"War of the Coprophages"Darin MorganKim Manners
A small town is plagued by deaths in which the bodies are found covered in cockroaches. Working from home, Scully has scientific explanations for all of them but Mulder — at the crime scene with an attractive bug expert — suspects the insects may not be organic, or earthly.
"Syzygy"크리스 카터Rob Bowman
Agents Mulder and Scully visit a small town to investigate a series of bizarre deaths, mainly among high school teenagers. Evidence points to a Satanic cult. Moreover, people in this village, including Mulder and Scully, seem to be changed by the events — the weak and aggressive features of a person’s character are turned inside out. Mulder drinks, Scully smokes, a peace-loving school director becomes leader of the mob. Eventually Mulder notices some coincidence with strange astrological phenomena, and two teenaged girls turn out to be main suspects as a consequence.
"Grotesque"Howard GordonKim Manners
Agents Mulder and Scully join Mulder’s former mentor, the FBI’s chief profiler, on a case involving a serial killer who claims to be possessed by a demonic force. The case gets even more mysterious when the suspect is apprehended and the murders continue. Mulder gets involved more deeply than expected and Scully as well as Skinner are deeply concerned.
"Piper Maru"Frank Spotnitz & 크리스 카터Rob Bowman
When a French salvage ship sends a diving crew to recover a mysterious wreckage from World War II, the crew falls prey to a bizarre illness and Agents Mulder and Scully join the investigation. The investigation leads to the discovery of a familiar face, and to Skinner's life being threatened.
"Apocrypha"Frank Spotnitz & 크리스 카터Kim Manners
While Mulder continues to investigate a bizarre illness that originated with the discovery of a mysterious World War II wreckage buried at sea, several government figures try to thwart their efforts. And as Skinner recovers from his shooting, Scully discovers that he is still in danger, from the man who killed her sister.
"Pusher"Vince GilliganRob Bowman
Agents Mulder and Scully’s assistance is requested for a case involving a man seemingly capable of bending people to his will. The suspect uses his mysterious abilities to manipulate Agent Mulder into a dangerous end game.
"Teso Dos Bichos"John ShibanKim Manners
A series of deaths occurs immediately after an ancient artifact is brought to Boston from an excavation site in South America. According to Scully, the deaths appear to be the result of political terrorism, but Mulder suspects something more improbable.
"Hell Money"Jeff VlamingTucker Gates
A string of mysterious deaths of recent Chinese immigrants brings Agents Mulder and Scully to San Francisco’s Chinatown. The Agents team up with a Chinese-American detective to better understand the language and customs of the Chinese culture, but one thing remains frightening clear — all of the bodies are missing various internal organs.
"Jose Chung's From Outer Space"Darin MorganRob Bowman
When a couple claims to have been abducted by aliens, Agents Mulder and Scully try to get at the truth but everyone has a different version of the story, including the “aliens” themselves.
"Avatar"Howard GordonJames Charleston
During a difficult time in assistant director Skinner’s life, he meets a woman in a bar and spends the night with her. The next morning, the woman is dead and he is accused of murder. Agents Mulder and Scully join the investigation to clear their supervisor’s name. As they unravel the threads of a conspiracy, they also learn more about Skinner’s personal affairs.
"Quagmire"Kim Newton & Darin Morgan (uncredited)Kim Manners
When a series of mysterious deaths and disappearances are reported near a lake in a small town, Agents Mulder and Scully are called in to investigate. With local folklore of a killer sea serpent running rampant amongst the locals, the agents must take their search for the truth to the water.
"Wetwired"Mat BeckRob Bowman
Agents Mulder and Scully uncover a dark conspiracy behind a bizarre series of seemingly unrelated murders in a small town. As the extent of the conspiracy is revealed, Scully's trust in Mulder is put to the test. Eventually, even Scully shows the symptoms of a severe psychosis leading to paranoia. She believes Mulder has moved to “the other side” and betrayed her and may even want to kill her. In the end, Mulder is led into a conflict between revealing his “contact” and providing the secret, but keeping the last murder unrevealed.
"Talitha Cumi"크리스 카터R.W. Goodwin
Agents Mulder and Scully search for a man who seems to possess strange powers, which leads to the discovery of a dangerous secret from Mulder’s past. The secret could bring Mulder and Scully to the brink of exposing the truth about alien existence.

Season 4 (1996-1997)편집

Ep# 제목 Writer(s) Director Original airdate Code
"Herrenvolk"크리스 카터R.W. Goodwin
Marita Covarrubias tells Mulder that “not everything dies”. While Mulder and Jeremiah Smith attempt to uncover the truth, the Syndicate realizes that they have a traitor in their midst. The informant known to fans as X dies in this episode, as he is discovered to be the source of the leak. As he dies, he scrawls the letters SRSG on the floor of Mulder’s apartment in his own blood. Later, it is implied that these letters stand for Special Representative to the Secretary General, and lead Mulder to Marita Covarrubias (who is the SRSG’s assistant).
"Home"Glen Morgan & James WongKim Manners
Mulder and Scully travel to the rustic small town of Home, Pennsylvania where they find evidence of an unspeakable crime.
"Teliko"Howard GordonJames Charleston
The mysterious deaths of several African-American men whose skin color has turned white sends Mulder on a quest into African folklore.
"Unruhe"Vince GilliganRob Bowman
Agents Mulder and Scully investigate a group of bizarre abductions in which the only clues are inexplicable photographs. But when Scully is the next intended victim, Mulder must get into the killer’s head.
"The Field Where I Died"Glen Morgan & James WongRob Bowman
Agent Mulder’s search for an informant inside a cult compound leads Scully and him to one of the cult leader’s wives. What they soon discover is an unexpectedly close connection with the woman.
"Sanguinarium"Vivian Mayhew and Valerie MayhewKim Manners
Bizarre murders in a hospital’s plastic surgery unit lead Mulder and Scully to suspect a supernatural force may be responsible.
"Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man"Glen Morgan & James Wong(uncredited)James Wong & Glen Morgan(uncredited)
Taking a page from the Superman comic “Lex Luthor: The Unauthorized Biography,” this episode details the previous exploits of the Cigarette Smoking Man. Mulder, Scully and Byers meet with Frohike, where he details what may be Cancerman’s real life.
"Tunguska"Frank Spotnitz & 크리스 카터Kim Manners
A diplomatic courier carrying deadly cargo involves Agents Mulder and Scully in a dangerous web of intrigue, which leads Mulder on a trip to Russia.
"Terma"Frank Spotnitz & 크리스 카터Rob Bowman
Scully and Skinner attend a suspicious Senate hearing, while Mulder and Krycek face off in a Russian gulag.
The phrase "E pur si muove" that is shown instead of the "The Truth is out there" means "And Yet it Moves." This comes from a legend that famous philosopher Galileo Galilei muttered this phrase after being forced to recant his belief that the earth moved around the sun in 1633, before the Inquisition.
"Paper Hearts"Vince GilliganRob Bowman
Agent Mulder is haunted by an old case in which young girls were killed and hearts cut from their nightgowns, Soon Mulder becomes suspicious when the killer taunts him with the idea that one of his victims may have been Samantha.
"El Mundo Gira"John ShibanTucker Gates
Deadly rain in a migrant workers camp sends Agent Mulder and Scully on the trail of a mythical beast — El Chupacabra.
"Leonard Betts"Frank Spotnitz, John Shiban & Vince GilliganKim Manners
The disappearance of a man’s body from a hospital morgue leads Mulder and Scully to investigate the strange circumstances surrounding the man’s death. However, for Scully it will lead to a horrifying revelation.
"Never Again"Glen Morgan & James WongRob Bowman
On a solo assignment out of town, Scully meets Mr. Wrong, a man whose tattoo does not want to share him - especially not with Scully.
"Memento Mori"크리스 카터, Vince Gilligan, John Shiban & Frank SpotnitzRob Bowman
Fear for Scully’s health sends Mulder to investigate the bizarre circumstances that may explain her mysterious abduction two years ago, while Scully takes a more practical course to quell her illness.
"Kaddish"Howard GordonKim Manners
A murder in a Jewish community leads to the deaths of the killers, forcing Mulder and Scully to determine whether vengeance or larger forces are at work.
"Unrequited"Howard Gordon & 크리스 카터Michael Lange
The mysterious assassination of a high-ranking military official has Mulder and Scully racing against the clock to stop a seemingly unstoppable - and invisible - assassin.
"Tempus Fugit"크리스 카터 & Frank SpotnitzRob Bowman
While celebrating Scully’s birthday, Mulder learns of Max Fenig’s death in a plane crash. What the agents soon discover is that the circumstances surrounding the crash may have been alien.
"Max"크리스 카터 & Frank SpotnitzKim Manners
The investigation continues for agents Mulder and Scully of the apparent downing of Flight 549 by a UFO. They encounter deadly opposition from the military which continues to cover up the truth of incident.
"Synchrony"Howard Gordon & David GreenwaltJim Charleston
Mulder and Scully investigate a murder for which the suspect presents an incredible alibi ? that the death was foretold by an old man able to see into the future.
"Small Potatoes"Vince GilliganCliff Bole
A small town is “blessed” by babies being born with tails. Mulder and Scully arrive only to encounter a suspect who proves nearly impossible to identify.
"Zero Sum"Howard Gordon & Frank SpotnitzKim Manners
Agent Mulder launches a criminal investigation into a bizarre death which he finds has connections to A.D. Skinner. Meanwhile, Skinner makes his own deal with the devil in a desperate attempt to save Scully from the cancer that is taking over her body.
"Elegy"John ShibanJim Charleston
Mulder and Scully track a series of murders that lead to a home for the mentally ill and a clue that makes no sense: each victim had a purported warning from the dead. However, while Mulder makes some surprising discoveries, Scully is reminded of her own mortality.
"Demons"R. W. GoodwinKim Manners
Scully is concerned for Mulder’s well-being when he suffers from a memory loss while investigating a case — and is the only suspect in a brutal double murder.
"Gethsemane"크리스 카터R. W. Goodwin
Mulder discovers the ultimate proof of extraterrestrial life while Scully’s cancer gets worse... but she may not be the agent whose life is over.

Season 5 (1997-1998)편집

Ep# 제목 Writer Director Original airdate Code
"Redux"크리스 카터R. W. Goodwin
Scully helps Mulder fake his death, but comes under intense scrutiny; Skinner is suspected as the traitor inside the FBI; and Mulder breaks into the Department of Defense in a desperate bid to save Scully, but while doing so he finds himself facing the truth about the aliens he has been chasing.
"Redux II"크리스 카터Kim Manners
While Scully lies on her deathbed; the Smoking Man makes an important decision in helping Mulder. But even as events come to a climax, Mulder finds his belief in his crusade has all but collapsed.
"Unusual Suspects"Vince GilliganKim Manners
Set in 1989, we discover how the Lone Gunmen came together, and where they first met Mulder.
"Detour"Frank SpotnitzBrett Dowler
On the way to an FBI convention, Mulder and Scully take a trip through the woods, where an ancient monster lurks.
"The Post-Modern Prometheus"크리스 카터크리스 카터
Filmed in black-and-white, The Post-Modern Prometheus chronicles Mulder and Scully’s investigation when a letter from a single mother leads them to a small mid-Western town where a modern-day version of Frankenstein's monster lurks, Jerry Springer is an obsession, and Cher plays a significant part.
"Christmas Carol"Vince Gilligan, John Shiban & Frank SpotnitzPeter Markle
Home for the holidays, Scully is haunted by dreams which hint at a strange connection to a murdered woman’s daughter.
"Emily"Vince Gilligan, John Shiban & Frank SpotnitzKim Manners
Scully fights to protect her daughter’s life, while Mulder discovers her true origins.
"Kitsunegari"Vince Gilligan & Tim MinearDaniel Sackheim
When ‘Pusher’ Modell escapes from prison, Mulder and Scully race to catch him before he can take revenge against his favourite target ? Agent Mulder.
"Schizogeny"Jessica Scott & Mike WollaegerRalph Hemecker
When a teenager is suspected of murdering his father, Mulder and Scully become convinced that a greater evil may be lurking in the community.
"Chinga"Stephen King & 크리스 카터Kim Manners
Scully takes a vacation to Maine, where she encounters a bizarre case where the victims appear to have inflicted wounds upon themselves ? apparently at the behest of a strange young girl. The phone conversation is similar to the War of The Coprophages (season 3)
"인터넷의 미스테리"
"Kill Switch"
윌리엄 깁슨 & 톰 매독스롭 보우먼
익명의 전화로 인한 총격전이 일어난다. 이 사건에 천재 컴퓨터 프로그래머가 관여된 것이 드러나고, 그가 개발한 프로그램의 정체를 밝히는 과정에서 멀더는 위험에 처하게 된다. 사이버 펑크 선구자 윌리엄 깁슨이 각본에 참여한 에피소드이다.
"Bad Blood"Vince GilliganCliff Bole
While investigating bizarre exsanguinations in Texas, Mulder kills a teenage boy whom he "mistakes" for a vampire. Awaiting a meeting with Skinner, Mulder and Scully attempt to get their stories “straight” by relating to each other their differing versions of what happened during their investigation. Gillian Anderson voted this her favorite episode.
"Patient X"크리스 카터 & Frank SpotnitzKim Manners
Scully forms a bond with Cassandra Spender, a woman who claims to have been abducted by aliens. While Mulder’s disbelief in the alien conspiracy is now questioned, he finds himself with more personal threats at the FBI.
"The Red and the Black"크리스 카터 & Frank Spotnitz크리스 카터
With Cassandra Spender missing, and her son Jeffrey angrily attempting to push his way up in the FBI, Mulder has Scully put under hypnosis to learn the truth. The Syndicate, meanwhile, quicken their tests for the alien vaccine, sacrificing their own to do so.
"Travelers"John Shiban & Frank SpotnitzWilliam Graham
In 1990, a bizarre murder leads young agent Fox Mulder to question a former FBI Agent who investigated one of the first X-Files dating back to the 1950s ? a case which may have involved Mulder’s father.
"Mind's Eye"Tim MinearKim Manners
Agents Mulder and Scully investigate a murder that seems to have been committed by a blind woman, but Mulder suspects that her involvement is not what it seems.
"All Souls"Frank Spotnitz & John ShibanAllen Coulter
The unexplained death of a young handicapped girl prompts Father McCue to ask Scully for her help, but her investigation leads her to a mystery she’s afraid to understand.
"The Pine Bluff Variant"John ShibanRob Bowman
Scully begins to grow suspicious of Mulder, whose increasingly strange behaviour suggests he may be serving another agenda.
"Folie a Deux"Vince GilliganKim Manners
Mulder and Scully encounter a delusional man who believes his boss may be a monster ? and is willing to pay any price to prove it.
"The End"크리스 카터R. W. Goodwin
The assassination of a chess grand master leads Mulder and Scully into an investigation that they soon discover strikes at the heart of the X-Files when they learn that the real target was a telepathic boy named Gibson Praise. While Agent Spender attempts to keep the investigation to himself, Mulder and Scully are joined by Agent Diana Fowley, a woman with a history with Mulder, to investigate it. What they discover leads the Smoking Man to strike back at them like never before.

The X-Files: Fight the Future (1998)편집

The X-Files have been shut down again, and Mulder and Scully are dealing with a terrorist threat. However, when a government building is destroyed, Mulder is approached by a mysterious doctor who reveals that there was more to the bomb than meets the eye. It is revealed that a black oil entity has been discovered in a cave and is now being experimented on by the Syndicate. Mulder and Scully’s investigations lead to the discovery of several secret installations and the true nature of the relationship between the alien colonists and the Syndicate.

Season 6 (1998-1999)편집

Ep# 제목 Writer Director Original airdate Code
"The Beginning"크리스 카터Kim Manners
With the X-Files reopened, Mulder and Scully eagerly hunt for a deadly creature in the Arizona desert. What they find seems to support Mulder’s revived belief in aliens, but is discredited when the agents are not reassigned to the X-Files, with Spender and Fowley taking over instead.
"Drive"Vince GilliganRob Bowman
With Mulder trapped in a car by a seemingly deranged man, Scully races to determine if the man is suffering from a deadly illness ? and if Mulder is in danger of becoming the next victim.
"Triangle"크리스 카터크리스 카터
Mulder goes in search of a ship that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle in 1939. But when he gets on board, Mulder finds that he ? and all the passengers and crew (as well as some strangely familiar ones) ? are still stuck in the past.
"Dreamland"Vince Gilligan, John Shiban & Frank SpotnitzKim Manners
An anonymous tip finally brings Mulder and Scully to the mecca of all UFO lore ? Area 51. But when the agents witness the flight of a mysterious craft, their lives are profoundly ? and perhaps irrevocably ? altered.
"Dreamland"Vince Gilligan, John Shiban & Frank SpotnitzMichael Watkins
Scully begins to suspect that her partner’s strange behavior is more than it appears to be, while Mulder fights to return his life to normal before it’s too late.
"How the Ghosts Stole Christmas"
크리스 카터크리스 카터
크리스마스 이브, 멀더는 선물을 준비해두고 유령이 나오는 집에 잠복 근무를 서야한다며 스컬리를 부른다. 하지만 그들은 그곳에서 실연당한 영혼 한 쌍을 발견하고, 두 영혼은 그들을 이용해 명절이 되면 얼마나 외로워지는지 입증하기 위해 위험한 장난을 친다.
"악마의 아들"
"Terms of Endearment"
David AmannRob Bowman
어머니가 일부러 유산을 한 것이 밝혀지면서 구속된다. 멀더는 아이의 아버지를 집요하게 조사하여, 그가 비밀을 숨기고 있다는 것을 알게 된다.
"비를 만드는 사나이"
"The Rain King"
제프리 벨Kim Manners
멀더와 스컬리는 가뭄으로 고통받는 마을로 찾아가 많은 돈을 받고 비를 내리게 해주는 남자를 만난다. 남자가 정말로 비를 내리게 하는 모습을 본 일행은 얼이 빠지고, 남자의 연인이었던 쉴라는 멀더가 위험에 처한 사건을 계기로 자신이 날씨와 밀접한 관련이 있다는 것을 고백한다.
"S.R. 819"John ShibanDaniel Sackheim
스키너 부국장이 독에 감염된다. 멀더와 스컬리가 그를 구하기 위해 주어진 시간은 24시간. 그들은 누가 어떤 이유로 그를 죽이려고 하는지 알아내야만 한다.
"삶과 죽음의 교차로"
Vince GilliganMichael Watkins
스컬리는 FBI에서 자신의 능력을 입증할 기회를 얻게 되고, 멀더 대신 새로운 파트너와 행동하게 된다. 스컬리는 예기치 않은 시간에 나타나 범죄 현장을 찍는 사진사를 조사한다. 그 과정에서 그녀는 사진사가 죽음을 예견한다는 사실을 알게 된다.
"아마겟돈의 새벽"
"Two Fathers"
크리스 카터 & Frank SpotnitzKim Manners
When Cassandra Spender is returned, Mulder, Scully and Agent Spender find themselves facing the exposure of the conspiracy involving extraterrestrials; while the worried Syndicate take evasive measures.
"One Son"크리스 카터 & Frank SpotnitzRob Bowman
While Cassandra reveals the truth about the alien conspiracy to Mulder, her ex-husband - the Cigarette Smoking Man - does the same to Agent Spender in an effort to convince him to work with the conspiracy. But even as Mulder is deceived by Agent Fowley, Scully stays true to the investigation, and the two find a surprise ally. Meanwhile, the Syndicate reach the climax of their plans, only to find that the end is not as they expected.
"Agua Mala"David AmannRob Bowman
Having been re-assigned to the X-Files, Mulder and Scully are looking forward to cases again. Instead, Arthur Dales, now living in a Florida trailer park, calls the agents for help when a neighbouring family disappears; and, with a hurricane approaching, Mulder and Scully find themselves trapped with a group of residents in a building where there really is something in the water.
"악몽의 월요일"
Vince Gilligan & John ShibanKim Manners
세계가 시간의 고리에 얽매이게 되었으며, 이것은 한 여성만이 알고 있다. 은행 강도는 멀더와 스컬리가 사건을 해결할 때까지 시간의 고리 속에서 계속해서 범죄를 저지른다.
"낙원의 괴물"
Daniel ArkinMichael Watkins
몇 명이 실종된 사건이 일어난 전원 주택가에 멀더와 스컬리는 부부로 위장하여 수사를 시작한다. 그러던 중, 마을 사람들을 습격하는 초인(티벳의 괴물 털파)이 완고한 규칙을 고수하고 있는 공동체 회장과 연관이 있다는 사실을 알게 된다.
"Alpha"Jeffrey BellPeter Markle
An Asian dog, called the Wanshang Dhole, thought to be extinct is blamed for several killings. Mulder and Scully join an obstinate Sheriff, a seemingly eccentric hunter, and a reclusive canine expert to find it. However, there is more mystery to the expert than meets the eye.
"Trevor"Jim Guttridge & Ken HawryliwRob Bowman
After a prison camp is destroyed by a tornado, an escaped inmate is suspected of killing the warden. As the inmate hunts down his old girlfriend, he finds out where his child is and attempts to take him back. Mulder and Scully set out to find him and discover that he has the ability to pass through solid matter.
"Milagro"크리스 카터, Story by John Shiban & Frank SpotnitzKim Manners
A series of murders takes place where the heart has been removed from the victims. A writer that lives next door to Mulder is writing a novel about the murders before they actually happen. Scully finds herself confused and drawn to the writer, who has a romantic interest in her.
"The Unnatural"David DuchovnyDavid Duchovny
While working in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, young cop Arthur Dales (the brother of the Arthur Dales who started the X-Files) stumbles across a “negro” baseball player who is actually an alien with a love of the game hiding among humans.
"Three of a Kind"Vince Gilligan & John ShibanBryan Spicer
While at a conference in Las Vegas, The Lone Gunmen run into the enigmatic Susanne Modeski (Unusual Suspects). After deceiving Scully into joining them the trio soon find out that Susan’s new fiance is planning to use her new brainwashing drug for political assassinations.
"Field Trip"Vince Gilligan & John Shiban, Story by Frank SpotnitzKim Manners
The skeletonized remains of a young couple are found in the fields of North Carolina. When Mulder and Scully go to investigate, they find that a giant fungal life form releases an LSD-like drug into the air with spores, and then slowly digests its victims. Mulder and Scully fall into its trap and are not sure of what is reality and what is fantasy.
"Biogenesis"크리스 카터 & Frank SpotnitzRob Bowman
A bizarre rock inscribed with Navajo writing is found in Cote d’Ivoire, and its discovery is closely followed by the death of the African scientist involved. While its appearance in Washington begins to affect Mulder’s mental health, leading him to turn to Agent Fowley for help; a disturbed Scully - determined to disprove the theory that life on Earth began with aliens - heads to New Mexico and finds a dying Albert Hosteen - who has discovered that the rock includes passages from the Bible, and a map of the human genome. While Mulder breaks down in a mental institution, Scully journeys unexpectedly to Africa.

Season 7 (1999-2000)편집

Ep# 제목 Writer Director Original airdate Code
"The Sixth Extinction"크리스 카터Kim Manners
Skinner and Michael Kritschgau work desperately to attempt to discover what is wrong with Mulder, who is imprisoned by his own frenetic brain activity, but they are unaware of Agent Fowley’s duplicity. Meanwhile, in Africa, Scully and a professor unravel the secrets of the spaceship buried on the Ivory Coast, which may prove that life originated elsewhere, and all religion was based on the Navajo contact with alien life.
"The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati"David Duchovny & 크리스 카터Michael W. Watkins
Returning to Washington to find Mulder gone, Scully joins Kritschgau and Skinner - who is still being forced into betrayal by Krycek - to find her partner. However, the Cigarette-Smoking Man has taken Mulder to a place where all his problems are gone...or so it seems. And Diana Fowley is forced to make a choice about her loyalties.
"Hungry"Vince GilliganKim Manners
In a unique episode told from the point-of-view of the “monster”, a fast-food employee with unusual cravings becomes the focus of an FBI investigation. The victims appear with no brain and a suction hole in the forehead.
"Millennium"Vince Gilligan & Frank SpotnitzThomas J. Wright

The head of the Millennium Group, which believes the apocalypse will happen on the new year of 2000, resurrects the dead for use in the bringing about of the apocalypse, and Mulder and Scully have to ask the help of criminal profiler Frank Black, a man with former experience with the shadowy group.

  • Paul Schrader played the role of the key villain Norman Toomes in this episode.
"Rush"David AmannRobert Lieberman
When a school student becomes the prime suspect in the bizarre murder of a police officer, Mulder and Scully are sent to investigate. They discover that the boy and a couple of friends have been playing with the ability to accelerate their movements to a frequency the human eye can’t perceive.
"The Goldberg Variation"Jeffrey BellThomas J. Wright
Mulder and Scully meet Henry Weems, who appears to be the luckiest man in the world. But - if he’s so lucky - why is he on the run from the mob, and why is everyone around him so unlucky?
"Orison"Chip JohannessenRob Bowman
Reverend Orison releases Donnie Pfaster, Scully’s former kidnapper ("Irresistible" Season 2), from jail in the hopes of passing judgement on him. What he discovers instead is that he has released pure evil, and it’s headed for Scully....
"The Amazing Maleeni"Vince Gilligan & John Shiban & Frank SpotnitzThomas J. Wright
The Amazing Maleeni, a small-time magician, performs an amazing feat to impress a heckler - he turns his head 360 degrees. So when he is later found without a head at all, Mulder and Scully arrive on the case and discover an angry ex-con, an unimpressed rival, and Maleeni’s twin brother all seem to have something to do with the plan to rob a major bank.
"Signs & Wonders"Jeffrey BellKim Manners
When a small town church is the site of a number of ritualistic-like murders, fingers are pointed to the Church of God with Signs and Wonders, a church where the Bible is read literally, and punishment is dealt deftly. But soon the agents realise that the difference between the peaceful religious and the fanatics may not be very much at all.
"Sein und Zeit"크리스 카터 & Frank SpotnitzMichael W. Watkins
While investigating the bizarre disappearance of a young girl from her home, Mulder becomes obsessed with the number of children who have vanished in similar ways. Scully’s fears that he is emotionally involved due to his sister’s disappearance 27 years earlier are heightened when Mulder’s mother dies, apparently of suicide.
"Closure"크리스 카터 & Frank SpotnitzKim Manners
As Mulder is forced to accept that his mother’s death was by her own hand, he is led by a man whose son disappeared years earlier to another truth - that his sister may be among the souls taken by ‘walk-ins’, saving the souls of children doomed to live unhappy lives. Together, they embark on a journey that will reveal to Mulder the truth about his sister’s disappearance.
"X-Cops"Vince GilliganMichael W. Watkins
A filming of an episode of COPS gets in the way of the investigation by Mulder and Scully of a monster that feeds on fear. While Mulder embraces the publicity, Scully is not so sure...
"First Person Shooter"William Gibson & Tom Maddox크리스 카터

The Lone Gunmen summon Mulder and Scully to a virtual reality firm when the new game they have helped design is thwarted by a bizarre female computer character whose power is much more than virtual.

  • Guest Starring:
 Tom Braidwood as Melvin Frohike
 Bruce Hardwood as John Byers
 Dean Haugland as Richard Langly
"Theef"Vince Gilligan, John Shiban & Frank SpotnitzKim Manners
After a prominent doctor discovers his father-in-law dead, the word ‘Theef’ written on the wall in blood, Mulder suspects hexcraft may be the source of threats against his family.
"En Ami"William B. DavisRob Bowman
After a young boy with cancer, whose parents don’t believe in medical treatment because it is against God’s will, recovers miraculously, Scully is intrigued. What she soon discovers is that his cure is not miraculous, but scientific - the work of the Cigarette-Smoking Man. Eager, if wary, to learn of the truth behind his secrets, Scully agrees to travel with him to get the cure to all mankind’s diseases... but the catch is that she can’t tell Mulder.
"Chimera"David AmannCliff Bole
On two separate stakeouts, Mulder and Scully search for elusive killers - Scully in an abandoned warehouse in a dirty neighbourhood, and Mulder in cosy suburbia.
"all things"Gillian AndersonGillian Anderson
While Mulder is away in England, Scully is led by coincidences, chance, fate and possibly a higher power to a married man whom she had an affair with during medical school, and a look at the life she didn’t choose, forcing her to make choices about her future.
"Brand X"Steven Maeda & Greg WalkerKim Manners
While protecting a man due to testify against the Morley cigarette company, Skinner is horrified when the witness dies mysteriously. What the agents soon discover is that a new brand of cigarette has a dangerous secret...
"Hollywood A.D."David DuchovnyDavid Duchovny
An entrepreneurial Hollywood producer, and college friend of Skinner, picks up the idea for a film based on the X-Files, however the agents find that the level of realism in their fictional portrayal is somewhat questionable.
"Fight Club"크리스 카터Paul Shapiro
Mulder and Scully cross paths with a pair of doppelgangers whose close proximity yields unlimited mayhem.
"Je Souhaite"Vince GilliganVince Gilligan
In Je Souhaite ? French for “I wish” ? Mulder and Scully find a man and his dim-bulbed, wheelchair-bound brother who choose three wishes which backfire increasingly. The cause of which is an indifferent genie whose willingness to grant wishes belies a deeper motive.
"Requiem"크리스 카터Kim Manners
Mulder and Scully return to the site of their first investigation together when a series of abductions take place. However, Scully’s failing health, and Mulder’s concern that she is in danger, cause him to take her off the case. Meanwhile, the Cigarette-Smoking Man - on his deathbed - reunites with Marita and Krycek in an attempt to revive the project, unaware that the tables are about to be turned; Scully is stunned by a medical revelation; and Mulder and Skinner take a trip to the woods in Oregon, which ends in tragedy...

Season 8 (2000-2001)편집

Ep# 제목 Writer Director Original airdate Code
"Within"크리스 카터Kim Manners
Newly-promoted Deputy Director Kersh assigns pragmatic Agent John Doggett to head up the task force searching for Mulder. Meanwhile, an increasingly defiant Skinner assists Scully as they search for the alien ship, which is systematically removing evidence of alien existence... and is next headed to the deserts of Arizona, and Gibson Praise.
"Without"크리스 카터Kim Manners
At a remote school in the Arizona desert, Doggett, Scully, Gibson and Skinner - as well as a host of students and agents - don’t know who to trust as the bounty hunter works among them; and - in a spaceship close by - Mulder is tested on.
"Patience"크리스 카터크리스 카터
Having been assigned to the X-Files, Doggett joins Scully on a series of gruesome murders where they learn that their investigative techniques are less than similar.
"Roadrunners"Vince GilliganRod Hardy
Working alone, Scully pursues a cult that worship a slug-like organism; but in her efforts to save an injured stranger, she discovers she’s in over her head.
"Invocation"David AmannRichard Compton
Having been kidnapped for ten years, a little boy mysteriously reappears but hasn’t aged one bit. While the case stirs up painful memories for Doggett, suspicion stirs that the boy isn’t all he seems.
"Redrum"Steven Maeda & Daniel ArkinPeter Markle
After his wife is murdered, a lawyer friend of Doggett's tries to clear his name of the crime but the days regress backwards.
"Via Negativa"Frank SpotnitzTony Wharmby
Doggett and Skinner work to avert the murderous spree of a religious cult leader, while Scully takes time off to deal with the early stages of her pregnancy.
"Surekill"Greg WalkerTerrence O’Hara
The fatal shooting of a realtor while alone in a cinderblock jail cell has Doggett hoping motive will yield more than method, but they soon learn that there is more to this case than meets the eye.
"Salvage"Jeffrey BellRod Hardy
Doggett and Scully encounter a dead man who is still living - only somewhat changed. What they discover is a man made of metal, enacting vengeance on those he believes created him.
"Badlaa"John ShibanTony Wharmby
When a mystic smuggles himself out of India, Scully and Doggett give chase as his murderous spree starts terrorising two families in suburban Washington, D.C. But Scully soon comes upon a crisis of faith when she realises how dissimilar her techniques are from Mulder, even as she tries to be the believer.
"The Gift"Frank SpotnitzKim Manners
Doggett comes upon an old case about a professed ‘soul-eater’ that Mulder kept secret from Scully, which he hopes will ultimately prove the truth behind Mulder’s abduction.
"Medusa"Frank SpotnitzRichard Compton
A string of bizarre deaths in the tunnels of the Boston subway system sees Doggett join a team of professionals underground to investigate; while Scully has to defy the train authorities above land, who are determined to get the trains up and running within hours.
"Per Manum"크리스 카터 & Frank SpotnitzKim Manners
When a mysterious man claims his wife was fertilised with an alien baby, and then killed and the baby stolen; Doggett is skeptical, while Scully realises that the woman’s story is similar to her own. While Doggett attempts to understand the motives of his friend and government contact Knowle Rohrer, Scully questions her own pregnancy and its conception.
"This Is Not Happening"크리스 카터 & Frank SpotnitzKim Manners
Doggett calls on another agent, Monica Reyes, to assist in the Mulder case, but Scully’s fears about finding him come to a head with the sudden recovery of abductees seized at the same time.
"Deadalive"크리스 카터 & Frank SpotnitzTony Wharmby
Three months after Mulder’s funeral, a former abductee awakens from the dead and Scully pins her hopes on resurrecting her partner; while Skinner is offered a loathsome deal by Krycek.
"Three Words"크리스 카터 & Frank SpotnitzTony Wharmby
Mulder secretly conducts his own investigation after a man is gunned down on the White House lawn attempting to inform the President of a planned alien invasion. However, he is soon in over his head as he tries to expose further evidence of colonization.
"Empedocles"Greg WalkerBarry K. Thomas
Reyes enlists Mulder’s help investigating a killer’s connection to the unsolved murder of Doggett’s son but Mulder soon finds himself clashing with Doggett.
"Vienen"Steven MaedaRod Hardy
Mulder and Doggett are asked to investigate several deaths aboard an oil rig, but Mulder is convinced the rig is carrying an alien black oil; meanwhile a heavily pregnant Scully attempts to protect Mulder in absentia.
"Alone"Frank SpotnitzFrank Spotnitz
With Scully on maternity leave, Doggett is paired with an enthusiastic young agent who knows everything about the X-Files, and her apotheosis of Mulder and Scully leads to him learning a thing or two. But when Harrison and Doggett disappear, Mulder defies orders in an attempt to find them.
"Essence"크리스 카터Kim Manners
Mulder, Skinner and Doggett come up against the horrible consequences of the Syndicate’s pact with the aliens, as a hybrid attempts to erase all evidence of the tests - including Scully’s soon-to-be-born baby. The men call on Reyes, and - reluctantly - Alex Krycek to help them.
"Existence"크리스 카터Kim Manners

Mulder, Doggett and Skinner face off with the alien replicants as they desperately try to expose the conspiracy within the FBI. Meanwhile Scully goes into labour in a remote location, but Reyes soon learns they may be no safer there.

Guest starring:

Season 9 (2001-2002)편집

Ep# 제목 Writer Director Original airdate Code
"Nothing Important Happened Today"크리스 카터 & Frank SpotnitzKim Manners
Doggett begins his investigation of Deputy Director Kersh and search for Mulder. He encounters obstructions at every turn and no one is willing to cooperate.
"Nothing Important Happened Today II"크리스 카터 & Frank SpotnitzTony Wharmby
Shannon McMahon, a former Marine associate of Doggett’s, reveals to Doggett that she is a super soldier. This leads them to a clandestine laboratory where secret experiments are taking place on board on a naval ship.
"Dæmonicus"Frank SpotnitzFrank Spotnitz
With Scully reassigned to the Quantico Training Academy, Doggett and Reyes investigate their first X-File together ? a series of satanic ritual murders - which sees their different investigative techniques working together.
"4-D"Steven MaedaTony Wharmby
A vicious murderer threatens Doggett and Reyes and then vanishes, or does he? Doggett is shot and Follmer discovers that Reyes was the shooter, or was she? The only thing certain is that someone is one step ahead of everyone else.
"Lord of the Flies"Thomas SchnauzKim Manners
Scully, Doggett and Reyes investigate when a teenager dies while performing a daredevil feat for a cable access show, but his death is soon revealed to be caused by a disturbing family secret. This show includes several references to former Pink Floyd frontman Syd Barrett.
"Trust No 1"크리스 카터 & Frank SpotnitzTony Wharmby
Scully is hopeful about reuniting with Mulder when a complete stranger offers new information about what drove him into hiding. Yet her trust in the stranger may place Mulder in even more danger.
"John Doe"Vince GilliganMichelle Maxwell MacLaren

With no knowledge of his identity or his past, Doggett is found wandering a dusty Mexican town. While he struggles to piece together his memory, he finds himself embroiled in a smuggling plot, and - across the border - Scully and Reyes attempt to find him.

Guest starring: Mitch Pileggi as A.D. Walter Skinner
"Hellbound"David AmannKim Manners
Reyes takes the lead while investigating an X-File case, surrounding a man found skinned alive. When she discovers that he had visions of a similar thing, she calls on Scully’s expertise to help on the investigation, which pays off when they find a link to 1960 - a link which may be deeper than it seems.
"Provenance"크리스 카터 & Frank SpotnitzKim Manners
When rubbings from the spaceship resurface, the FBI hides its investigation from the X-Files. Meanwhile, Scully is forced to take drastic measures when she discovers a threat to William.
"Providence"크리스 카터 & Frank Spotnitz크리스 카터
Distrustful of both Skinner and Follmer, Scully circumvents the FBI’s investigation into the kidnapping and does her own, assisted by Reyes and the Lone Gunmen. Her fears are heightened when she learns Mulder may be dead, and William is kidnapped by the alien cult.
"Audrey Pauley"Steven MaedaKim Manners
Awakening in a surreal hospital (which a companion believes to be Death’s Waiting Room) after being hit by a car, a comatose Reyes struggles to wake herself up before her organ donor card is acted upon. Her only link with the outside world is a possibly autistic woman named Audrey Pauley. Outside, Doggett and Scully begin to suspect that outside forces are conspiring to end her life.
"Underneath"John ShibanJohn Shiban
Doggett is determined to find an error in the DNA evidence that freed the convicted “Screwdriver Killer” whom he nearly caught in the act 13 years earlier. But as the case takes several twists, Doggett finds himself at odds with Scully and Reyes as he attempts to prove his theory.
* This is one of the most poorly received episodes of the season, thought of as a boring slasher film.[출처 필요]
"Improbable"크리스 카터크리스 카터
In the race to catch a serial killer, Scully and Reyes find themselves relying on numerology, their powers of deduction, and a mysterious, card-playing stranger. Meanwhile Doggett attempts to liaise with the police on the case, and finds that his time on the X-Files has somewhat changed his opinions.
"Scary Monsters"Thomas SchnauzDwight H. Little
Agent Harrison takes Reyes and Doggett on a drive into the mountains, after a woman stabs herself repeatedly and her widowed husband refuses to let anyone see their son. When Harrison’s young admirer shows up at Scully’s door and convinces her to come with him and save them, they discover that monsters under the bed may be more than just the product of a young boy’s vivid imagination.
* This episode is the shortest episode of the series, with a runtime of only 42:29
"Jump the Shark"Vince Gilligan, John Shiban & Frank SpotnitzCliff Bole
When Morris Fletcher approaches the agents with information related to the supersoldiers, they turn to the Lone Gunmen. But the Gunmen and Jimmy are already knee-deep in a bio-terrorist’s plot to release a deadly toxin, and his links to the mysterious Yves Adele Harlow.
"William"David Duchovny, Frank Spotnitz & 크리스 카터David Duchovny
Doggett finds a strange disfigured man in the X-Files office, and - on a whim of Scully’s - they test his DNA. But the surprising answers they find become even more surprising when William’s life is put on the line.
"Release"John Shiban & David AmannKim Manners

When one of Scully’s students displays an inordinate ability to profile serial killers, his insights reopen the murder case of Doggett’s son.

Guest starring:
"Sunshine Days"Vince GilliganVince Gilligan
Doggett, Reyes, Scully and Skinner stumble on to a bizarre murder case where the main suspect is a man with an unusual obsession with The Brady Bunch. Despite their initial differences - both in investigative style and love of The Brady Bunch - the four of them soon learn that the man’s telekinetic ability is the ultimate, undeniable proof of an X-File.
"The Truth (I and II)"크리스 카터Kim Manners
Mulder is placed under military arrest, but with the surprising help of Deputy Director Kersh, Scully, Reyes, Doggett, Marita Covarrubias, Gibson Praise, and Jeffrey Spender, Mulder's broken out. Mulder and Scully travel to New Mexico where Black helicopters destroy a Pueblo - and the Smoking Man.

The X-Files: I Want to Believe (2008)편집

The second X-Files movie was released on July 25, 2008 in North America.


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