APC: 두 판 사이의 차이

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* [[APC]] (Application Performance Control)
* [[Adaptive predictive coding]], a narrowband analog-to-digital conversion that uses a one-level or multilevel sampling system
* [[Advanced process control]], a broad term within the control theory
* [[Alternative PHP Cache]], a PHP accelerator program
* [[American Power Conversion]], a company with a worldwide presence based in West Kingston, Rhode Island
* [[APC-7 connector]], a high grade sexless, 7 mm, coaxial connector used for high frequency applications up to 18 GHz
* [[aPOCALYPSE pRODUCTION cREW]], a major MP3 warez organization founded by two individuals known under the pseudonyms acid^rain and Viper in May of 1997
* ''[[Australian Personal Computer]]'', a computer magazine in Australia
* [[Automatic Performance Control]], a system that was introduced on turbo charged Saab H engines in 1982-->
* [[항원전달세포]](Antigen-presenting cell, APC)