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잔글토론)의 편집을 한국의만델라의 마지막 판으로 되돌림
잔글 (토론)의 편집을 한국의만델라의 마지막 판으로 되돌림)
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'''Ask.fm'''is a Q&A Website[[웹사이트]]이다.
It's main purpose is to ask people what they couldn't ask in front of them in total secret and privacy.
The Website has hosted (to 2014) currently 11 projects, which are usually hold to speed up the rate of questions asked.
Founding- now: The Zillion-asks project
2005 January~2006 January: Google spread Project
2006 Summer: Germany World Cup 999 Project
2008 November: Global Crisis recovery Project
2009 January~2009 November: Post 10 millenium Project
2010 Winter: Vancouver Winter Olympics 1001 Project
2010 Summer: South Africa World Cup 1010 Project
2012 Summer: London Summer Olympics 1010.1 Project
2012 Winter: Supervisor Collector Project
2013 March~2013 July: The Collecting Continues Project
2014 Summer: Brazil World Cup 1030 Project
The most recent project of Ask.fm is the 1030 Project. The 1030 Project is a project that has lasted for a month, ending when the 2014 FIFA World Cup ends.
The project was hosted by Ask.fm, and the goal was to produce the average question asked to the 1030 most influential askers around the world in 1030 regions.
There were 1060900 askers participating in this project, and each supervisors were assigned to the asker, someone close to him/her.
The supervisors collected questions while asking questions in complete anonymity, and this anonymity will go on. The average question is to be revealed on the end of this month.
It has taken Ask.fm only $2m to conduct this research that has been the biggest through their history.
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