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* [https://github.com/Tanganelli/CoAPthon CoAPthon]
* [https://github.com/keith-cullen/FreeCoAP FreeCoAP]
== 보안 문제 ==
프로토콜 표준이 [[DDoS]] 증폭 공격의 위협을 완화하기 위한 대비책이 있지만<ref>[https://blog.cloudflare.com/why-iot-is-insecure/ "TLS 1.3 is going to save us all, and other reasons why IoT is still insecure", Dani Grant, 2017-12-24]</ref>, 이 대비책들은 실제로 구현되어 있지 않으므로<ref>[https://i.blackhat.com/eu-18/Thu-Dec-6/eu-18-Maggi-When-Machines-Cant-Talk-wp.pdf "When Machines Can't Talk: Security and Privacy Issues of Machine-to-Machine Data Protocols", Federico Maggi and Rainer Vosseler, 2018-12-06]</ref>, 주로 중국에 위치한 580,000개 이상이 표적이 되어 최대 320Gbps의 공격을 받고 있다<ref>[https://www.zdnet.com/article/the-coap-protocol-is-the-next-big-thing-for-ddos-attacks/ "The CoAP protocol is the next big thing for DDoS attacks", Catalin Cimpanu, 2018-12-05]</ref>.
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