"Roses of Prince Charlie"의 두 판 사이의 차이

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=== 발음 ===
대한민국의 [[외래어 표기법]]에 따르면 '로지스 어브 프린스 찰리' 로 표현하는 것이 표준이다. 그러나 대부분의 스코틀랜드인들은 'Charlie' 를 '챌리' 에 가깝게 발음한다.
=== 가사 ===
(후렴) Come now, gather now, here where the flowers grow,
White is the blossom as the snow on the ben,
Hear now, freedom's call, we'll make a solemn vow,
Now by the Roses of Prince Charlie.
(1절) Fight again at Bannockburn yer battle axe tae wield,
Fight wi' yer grandsires at Flodden's bloody field,
Fight at Culloden, the Bonnie Prince tae shield,
Fight, by the Roses of Prince Charlie.
(2절) Spirits of the banished in far and distant lands
Carved out the new world wi' sweat, blood and hand
Return now in glory and on the silver sand
Fight, by the Roses of Prince Charlie.
(3절) Tak' yer strength fae the green fields that blanket peat and coal
Ships fae the Clyde have a nation in their hold
The water of life, some men need tae mak' them bold
Black gold And fishes fae the sea, man.
ⓒ The Corries (Music) Ltd.
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