"Roses of Prince Charlie"의 두 판 사이의 차이

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=== 가사 ===
(후렴) Come now, gather now, here where the flowers grow, </br>
White is the blossom as the snow on the ben,</br>
Hear now, freedom's call, we'll make a solemn vow,</br>
Now by the Roses of Prince Charlie.</br>
(1절) Fight again at Bannockburn yer battle axe tae wield,</br>
Fight wi' yer grandsires at Flodden's bloody field,</br>
Fight at Culloden, the Bonnie Prince tae shield,</br>
Fight, by the Roses of Prince Charlie.</br>
(2절) Spirits of the banished in far and distant lands</br>
Carved out the new world wi' sweat, blood and hand</br>
Return now in glory and on the silver sand</br>
Fight, by the Roses of Prince Charlie.</br>
(3절) Tak' yer strength fae the green fields that blanket peat and coal</br>
Ships fae the Clyde have a nation in their hold</br>
The water of life, some men need tae mak' them bold</br>
Black gold And fishes fae the sea, man.</br>
ⓒ The Corries (Music) Ltd.</br>
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