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스쿠터(scooter)는 소형 이륜차의 일종이며 변속 기어가 없는 이륜차를 가리킨다. 모터 스쿠터는 의자, 플로어보드, 작거나 낮은 바퀴가 있는 킥 스쿠터와 유사한 이륜차이다.[1]

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  1. Various scooter definitions:
    • 《The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary》 i판. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. 1968 [1956]. 1808–09쪽. 3. A child's toy consisting of a narrow flat piece of wood on low wheels, with a steering-handle, propelled by pushing with one foot on the ground; also, a similar machine propelled by a motor 
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    • 《Webster's New Twentieth Century Dictionary》. Cleveland OH USA: The World Publishing Company. 1970. 1625쪽. ISBN 0-529-04852-3. 1. a child's vehicle, consisting of a low, narrow footboard with a wheel at each end, the front one attached to a handlebar for steering: it is moved by a series of pushes made by one foot against the ground. 2. a somewhat similar vehicle equipped with a seat and propelled by a small internal-combustion engine: in full motor scooter 
    • 《The Living Webster Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English Language》. The English Language Institute of America. 1973. 624쪽. ISBN 0-8326-0001-6. motor scooter, n A scooter like vehicle usu. having two wheels separated by a low footboard, and equipped with a motor and a seat for the driver 
    • 《Collins English Dictionary and Thesaurus》 3판. Glasgow: Harper Collins Publications. 2004. 776쪽. ISBN 0-00-718139-6. motor scooter n a light motorcycle with small wheels and an enclosed engine. Often shortened to scooter 
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    • 《World Book Dictionary》. World Book Inc. 2005. 1356쪽. ISBN 0-7166-0105-2. motor scooter: A vehicle like a child's scooter, except that the driver is seated. It is run by a motor. 

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