Denim and Leather

색슨의 1981년 스튜디오 앨범

Denim and Leather》는 1981년에 발매된 색슨의 음반이다.

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Denim and Leather
색슨스튜디오 음반
색슨 연표
Strong Arm of the Law Denim and Leather The Eagle Has Landed

곡 목록편집

전체 작사·작곡: Saxon

Side one
#제목재생 시간
1.Princess of the Night4:01
2.Never Surrender3:15
3.Out of Control4:07
4.Rough and Ready4:51
5.Play It Loud4:11
Side two
#제목재생 시간
6.And the Bands Played On2:48
7.Midnight Rider5:45
8.Fire in the Sky3:37
9.Denim and Leather5:25
2009 remaster bonus tracks
#제목재생 시간
10.20,000 Ft. (remix; b-side Never Surrender)4:07
11.Bap Shoo Ap (live at Castle Donington 1980; b-side Never Surrender)6:41
12.Intro/And the Bands Played On (live)4:34
13.Princess of the Night (live)4:17
14.Midnight Rider (live)5:40
15.Never Surrender (live)3:58
16.Fire in the Sky (live)2:41
17.Machine Gun (live)2:44
18.Play It Loud (live)5:25


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평가 점수
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Collector's Guide to Heavy Metal7/10[2]


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