Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Journey to the Centre of the Earth》는 릭 웨이크먼의 음반이다. A&M 레코드에 의해 발매되었다.

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Journey to the Centre of the Earth
릭 웨이크먼스튜디오 음반
장르프로그레시브 록
레이블A&M 레코드
릭 웨이크먼 연표
The Six Wives of Henry VIII Journey to the Centre of the Earth The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

곡 목록편집

전체 작곡: Rick Wakeman

Side one
#제목재생 시간
1.The Journey"/"Recollection21:20
Side two
#제목재생 시간
1.The Battle"/"The Forest18:57
#제목재생 시간
1.Preface to the Journey1:11
2.The Journey Overture2:25
3.Journey's Dawn3:38
5.The Gothic Cathedral1:07
6.A Quest for Water1:18
7.The Hansbach2:54
8.Fervent Prayer0:41
9.The Recollection2:32
10.Lost & Found0:43
12.4 Miles0:18
13.The Reunion2:40
14.A New Vista0:50
15.A World Within a World2:13
16.The Raft1:06
17.The Battle5:55
18.Cumulus Clouds0:38
19.The Storm2:01
20.The Cemetery1:28
21.Quaternary Man4:49
23.The Forest2:30
24.Ages of Man1:55
25.The Tunnel1:53
26.Hall of the Mountain King0:52
27.Mount Etna3:12
총 재생 시간:54:17
CD1 – Album Version and Bonus Track
#제목재생 시간
1.The Journey12:42
3.The Battle8:51
4.The Forest10:11
5.The Pearl and Dean Unfinished Symphony4:49
CD2 – Live in Boston 1974
#제목재생 시간
1.The Journey15:54
3.The Battle9:14
4.The Forest11:17
CD3 – Live in Buenos Aires 1993
#제목재생 시간
1.The Journey11:13
3.The Battle8:59
4.The Forest10:00
DVD-Audio – Quadraphonic and Mobile Fidelity Versions
#제목재생 시간
1.The Journey11:35
3.The Battle8:40
4.The Forest10:33
5.The Journey11:35
7.The Battle8:40
8.The Forest10:33