Keys to Ascension

Keys to Ascension》는 1996년 10월 28일에 발매된 예스의 음반이다.

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Keys to Ascension
예스스튜디오 음반
발매일1996년 10월 28일
장르프로그레시브 록
길이1시간 56분 12초
예스 연표
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곡 목록편집

Disc one (Live tracks)
#제목송라이터재생 시간
1.Siberian KhatruJon Anderson, Steve Howe, Rick Wakeman10:16
2.The Revealing Science of God (Dance of the Dawn)Anderson, Chris Squire, Howe, Wakeman, Alan White20:32
3.AmericaPaul Simon10:28
5.AwakenAnderson, Howe18:33
Disc two (Live/Studio tracks)
#제목송라이터재생 시간
1.RoundaboutAnderson, Howe8:30
2.Starship Trooper"
  • a. "Life Seeker"
  • b. "Disillusion"
  • c. "Würm
Anderson ["Life Seeker"], Squire ["Disillusion"], Howe ["Würm"]13:05
3.Be the One"
  • a. "The One"
  • b. "Humankind"
  • c. "Skates
  • Anderson, Squire ["The One", "Humankind"], Howe ["Skates"]9:50
    4.That, That Is"
  • a. "Togetherness"
  • b. "Crossfire"
  • c. "The Giving Things"
  • d. "That Is"
  • e. "All in All"
  • f. "How Did Heaven Begin"
  • g. "Agree to Agree
  • Anderson, Squire ["Crossfire", "Agree to Agree"], Howe ["Togetherness"], Anderson, Howe ["The Giving Things"], Anderson ["That Is"], Anderson, White ["All in All"], Anderson, Howe, White ["How Did Heaven Begin"]19:14