This Was

This Was》는 1968년 10월 25일에 발매된 제쓰로 툴의 음반이다. 아일랜드 레코드에 의해 발매되었다.

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This Was
제쓰로 툴스튜디오 음반
발매일1968년 10월 25일
장르블루스 록
길이42분 55초
레이블아일랜드 레코드

곡 목록편집

Side one
#제목작사·작곡재생 시간
1.My Sunday FeelingIan Anderson3:43
2.Some Day the Sun Won't Shine for YouAnderson2:49
3.Beggar's FarmMick Abrahams, Anderson4:19
4.Move on AloneAbrahams1:58
5.Serenade to a Cuckoo (Instrumental)Roland Kirk6:07
Side two
#제목작사·작곡재생 시간
1.Dharma for One (Instrumental)Anderson, Clive Bunker4:15
2.It's Breaking Me UpAnderson5:04
3.Cat's Squirrel (Instrumental)Traditional, arranged by Abrahams5:42
4.A Song for JeffreyAnderson3:22
5.Round (Instrumental)Anderson, Abrahams, Bunker, Glenn Cornick, Terry Ellis1:03
총 재생 시간:38:22
2001 remaster bonus tracks
#제목작사·작곡재생 시간
11.One for John GeeAbrahams2:06
12.Love StoryAnderson3:06
13.Christmas SongAnderson3:06
총 재생 시간:46:40
2018 bonus tracks
#제목작사·작곡재생 시간
11.Love StoryAnderson 
12.A Christmas SongAnderson 
13.Serenade to a Cuckoo (Take 1) (previously unreleased)Roland Kirk 
14.Some Day the Sun Won't Shine for You (faster version) (previously unreleased)Anderson 
15.Move on Alone (flute version) (previously unreleased)Abrahams 
16.Ultimate Confusion (previously unreleased)  
Disc one: Original Mono LP (Remastered) & BBC Sessions
#제목재생 시간
1.My Sunday Feeling3:43
2.Some Day the Sun Won't Shine for You2:49
3.Beggar's Farm4:23
4.Move on Alone2:00
5.Serenade to a Cuckoo (Instrumental)6:07
6.Dharma for One (Instrumental)4:13
7.It's Breaking Me Up5:01
8.Cat's Squirrel (Instrumental)5:40
9.A Song for Jeffrey3:26
10.Round (Instrumental)0:59
11.So Much Trouble (John Peel Session: 1968년 7월 23일)3:19
12.My Sunday Feeling (John Peel Session: 1968년 7월 23일)3:49
13.Serenade to a Cuckoo (Instrumental) (John Peel Session: 1968년 7월 23일)3:37
14.Cat's Squirrel (Instrumental) (John Peel Session: 1968년 7월 23일)4:38
15.A Song for Jeffrey (John Peel Session: 1968년 7월 23일)3:13
16.Love Story (John Peel Session: 1968년 11월 5일)3:04
17.Stormy Monday (John Peel Session: 1968년 11월 5일, written by T-Bone Walker)4:09
18.Beggar's Farm (John Peel Session: 1968년 11월 5일)3:22
19.Dharma for One (Instrumental) (John Peel Session: 1968년 11월 5일)3:46
Disc two: New Stereo Album Mix + Additional New Stereo Mixes & Original Mono Recordings (Remastered)
#제목재생 시간
1.My Sunday Feeling3:42
2.Some Day the Sun Won't Shine for You2:47
3.Beggar's Farm4:21
4.Move on Alone1:57
5.Serenade to a Cuckoo (Instrumental)6:05
6.Dharma for One (Instrumental)4:13
7.It's Breaking Me Up5:03
8.Cat's Squirrel (Instrumental)5:39
9.A Song for Jeffrey3:23
10.Round (Instrumental)1:00
11.Love Story (New Stereo Mix)3:05
12.Christmas Song (New Stereo Mix)3:13
13.Sunshine Day (A-side of single MGM 1384 released in February 1968, original mono recording)2:26
14.One for John Gee (Instrumental) (B-side of 'Song for Jeffrey' single, original mono recording)2:05
15.Love Story (A-side of single WIP 6048 released in November 1968 on Island, original mono recording)3:05
16.Christmas Song (B-side of 'Love Story' single, original mono recording)3:05
총 재생 시간:126:30


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