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Jerrykim306 토론기여 2017년 3월 18일 (토) 22:23 (KST)

Semi-protection request for 2 articles편집

Hello, and I'm here to inform you about Nipponese Dog Calvero's vandalism on 주무옌 and 딘보린. I've requested a semi-protection for these 2 articles because they always change IP to avoid a block. Since the new Nipponese Dog Calvero's can edit them(because no protection), so I've requested to protect against sock puppets. Thanks for editing in Wikipedia and spending time with cross-wiki anti-vandalism(You can edit because you've reached 38 edits total). Cheers —Jerrykim306 토론기여 2017년 3월 19일 (일) 18:57 (KST)

As a result, these pages were protected for 10 days. —Jerrykim306 토론기여 2017년 3월 19일 (일) 22:34 (KST)

RE: Nipponese Dog Calvero appeared편집

I've left a comment that you left a message on my talk page. Thanks for telling me. Have a nice day :) —Jerrykim306 토론기여 2017년 4월 17일 (월) 15:31 (KST)

See this log and User:ChongDae protected this page indefinitely. —Jerrykim306 토론기여 2017년 4월 17일 (월) 15:34 (KST)