Shin Ryujin(Korean: 신류진; born April 17, 2001) is a South Korean rapper, dancer. In 2019, Ryujin made her debut as a member of ITZY managed under JYP entertainment.

Ryujin is a main rapper and lead dancer in ITZY[1].


Ryujin was born on April 17, 2001, in Chuncheon, the city of South Korea. When she was young, she was scouted by JYP at GOT7 fan meeting. And then, she completely joined through the second official scouting. In 2017, Ryujin was known from Korean idol survival program MIXNINE(by JTBC) and STRAYKIDS(by Mnet). she also was ranked number one in the girls team, but she lost her chance to debut by losing to boys team. She featured in BTS[2]'s music video :(LOVE YOURSELF : highlight reel) as Jimin and J-Hope's pair and appeared in a film The King as well. She showed her excellent talent before her debut.

2019- Debut with '’It'z Different편집

On February 12, 2019, Ryujin made her debut as a member of ITZY(Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryoung and Yuna) with digital single album It'z Different. It featured ‘‘Dalla Dalla’‘(main title) and ‘‘Want it?’‘ and incorporated EDM and Hip Hop elements. Dalla Dalla[3] the main title song of It'z Different got high ranks in notable music sites and recorded one-thousand views by 18 hours and one-hundred million views by 57 days in Youtube. they also won the prize of M Countdown eight day after their debut. Being opened the 4th generation of K-pop[4], they got a nickname '’‘Monster Lucky'’‘.

2019- It’z ICY편집

ITZY released new mini-album, It'z ICY on July 23, 2019. It’z ICY included Icy(main title), Cherry, It’z summer, Dalla Dalla(Remix) and Want it?(Imad Royal Remix). Icy earned 12 wins in many TV music program broadcasted by KBS, MBC, SBS and Mnet. Winning 21 awards in 10 Award ceremonies in 2019, ITZY opened the new generation of K-pop.[5]

2020- It’z Me편집

On March 9, 2020, ITZY released their second mini album, It’z Me. It featured WANNABE, Ting Ting Ting, That’s No No, Nobody Like You, You Make Me, I Don’t Wanna Dance and 24Hrs. Itzy also collaborated with many artists in It’z Me. Oliver Heldens produced ‘’Ting Ting Ting’‘ and Yubin, Wonder Girls (south ]korean girl group formed by JYP) participated in ’‘Nobody Like You. ITZY achieved 8 music awards with WANNABE.

2020- Not Shy편집

On August 17, 2020, ITZY released their third EP, Not Shy. Not Shy featured Not Shy(main title), Don’t Give A What, Louder, iD, Surf and Be In Love. Especialy, ‘’Be In Love’‘ is being chosen to ’‘ITZY’‘ and ’‘MIDZY’‘(ITZY’s fandom)’s favorite song. Not Shy achieved five awards in music shows.


WDZY is project of Line Freinds and ITZY like BT21. The member of WDZY is Het (yeji), Lya (Lia), Tuk (Ryujin), Chung-ee (Chaeryoung) and Cabit (Yuna).

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