30 Years A-Greying

30 Years A-Greying》은 에이먼 캠벨이 프로듀싱한 아일랜드의 포크 밴드 더 더블리너스의 더블 음반이다.

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30 Years A-Greying
더 더블리너스정규 음반
장르아일랜드 포크
레이블셀틱 컬렉션
프로듀서에이먼 캠벨
더 더블리너스 연표
The Dubliner's Dublin
30 Years A-Greying
Original Dubliners

트랙 리스트편집

CD 원편집

  1. "The Rose" (with Hothouse Flowers)
  2. "Eileen Óg"
  3. "Jigs – The Fisherman's Lilt/Tobin's Fancy/Peggy's Jig"
  4. "The Death of the Bear"
  5. "The Galway Shawl"
  6. "Jockey to the Fair"
  7. "The Pool Song"
  8. "Barley and Grape Rag" (with Rory Gallagher)
  9. "I'm Asking You Sergeant, Where's Mine" (with Billy Connolly)
  10. "The Stone Outside Dan Murphy's Door"
  11. "Flowers of Normandy"
  12. "Phil the Fluter's Ball"
  13. "Bantry Girl's Lament"
  14. "Will the Circle Be Unbroken?"
  15. "The Auld Triangle"

CD 투편집

  1. "Sands of Sudan"
  2. "The Manchester Rambler"
  3. "Drag That Fiddle"
  4. "The Call and the Answer" (Phil Colclough)
  5. "Boots of Spanish Leather" (with De Dannan)
  6. "Hornpipes – The Tailor's Twist/Ryan's Hornpipe"
  7. "I'll Tell Me Ma"
  8. "Sweet Thames Flow Softly"
  9. "Whiskey in the Jar" (with The Pogues)
  10. "Deportees" (Woody Guthrie)
  11. "Nora"
  12. "Reels – Love at the Endings/The Old Bush/The Maids of Castlebar"
  13. "Liverpool Lou" (Dominic Behan)
  14. "What Will We Tell the Children"
  15. "I'm a Man You Don't Meet Every Day"


차트 (1992) 최고


아일랜드 음반 차트 (IRMA)[1] 5
영국 음반 차트 (OCC)[2] -