Metalogy》는 2004년 5월 11일에 발매된 주다스 프리스트의 음반이다. 컬럼비아 레코드에 의해 발매되었다.

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주다스 프리스트스튜디오 음반
발매일2004년 5월 11일
장르헤비 메탈
길이5시간 3분 3초
레이블컬럼비아 레코드
주다스 프리스트 연표
Live in London Metalogy Angel of Retribution

곡 목록편집

Disc one
#제목작사·작곡Original재생 시간
1.Never SatisfiedAl Atkins, K. K. DowningRocka Rolla (1974)4:52
2.DeceiverRob Halford, Downing, Glenn TiptonSad Wings of Destiny (1976)2:40
3.TyrantHalford, TiptonSad Wings of Destiny (1976)4:39
4.Victim of Changes (live)Atkins, Halford, Downing, TiptonUnleashed in the East (1979)7:11
5.Diamonds & Rust (live Joan Baez cover)Joan BaezYou've Got Another Thing Coming 7" (1982)3:28
6.Starbreaker (live)Halford, Tipton, DowningTake on the World 7" (1979)7:19
7.SinnerHalford, TiptonSin After Sin (1977)6:43
8.Let Us Prey / Call for the PriestHalford, Tipton, DowningSin After Sin (1977)6:12
9.Dissident AggressorHalford, Tipton, DowningSin After Sin (1977)3:02
10.ExciterHalford, TiptonStained Class (1978)5:33
11.Beyond the Realms of DeathHalford, Les BinksStained Class (1978)6:51
12.Better by You, Better than Me (Spooky Tooth cover)Gary WrightStained Class (1978)3:22
13.InvaderHalford, Tipton, Ian HillStained Class (1978)4:10
14.Stained ClassHalford, TiptonStained Class (1978)5:12
15.The Green Manalishi (With the Two Pronged Crown) (live Fleetwood Mac cover)Peter GreenPreviously unreleased, recorded at New York Palladium in 1981 for a radio broadcast4:42
Disc two
#제목작사·작곡Original album재생 시간
1.Killing MachineTiptonKilling Machine (1978)3:02
2.Evening StarHalford, TiptonKilling Machine (1978)4:06
3.Take On The WorldHalford, TiptonKilling Machine (1978)3:03
4.Delivering the GoodsHalford, Tipton, DowningKilling Machine (1978)4:16
5.Evil FantasiesHalford, Tipton, DowningKilling Machine (1978)4:13
6.Hell Bent for LeatherTiptonKilling Machine (1978)2:40
7.Breaking the Law (live)Halford, Tipton, DowningThe Green Manalishi 12" (1983), Some Heads Are Gonna Roll 7" (1983)2:45
8.Living After MidnightHalford, Tipton, DowningBritish Steel (1980)3:30
9.Rapid FireHalford, Tipton, DowningBritish Steel (1980)4:00
10.Metal GodsHalford, Tipton, DowningBritish Steel (1980)4:04
11.Grinder (live)Halford, Tipton, DowningPreviously released as a bonus track to the British Steel remaster, recorded in Long Beach in 1984 for a radio broadcast4:21
12.The RageHalford, Tipton, DowningBritish Steel (1980)4:44
13.Heading Out to the HighwayHalford, Tipton, DowningPoint of Entry (1981)3:45
14.Hot Rockin' (live)Halford, Tipton, DowningHot Rockin Promo 12" (1981)3:28
15.TroubleshooterHalford, Tipton, DowningPoint of Entry (1981)3:47
16.Solar AngelsHalford, Tipton, DowningPoint of Entry (1981)4:04
17.Desert PlainsHalford, Tipton, DowningPoint of Entry (1981)4:36
18.The Hellion / Electric Eye (live)Halford, Tipton, DowningThe Hellion / Electric Eye Promo 12" (1983)4:20
19.Screaming for VengeanceHalford, Tipton, DowningScreaming for Vengeance (1982)4:43
Disc three
#제목작사·작곡Original album재생 시간
1.Riding on the WindHalford, Tipton, DowningScreaming for Vengeance (1982)3:07
2.BloodstoneHalford, Tipton, DowningScreaming for Vengeance (1982)3:52
3.You've Got Another Thing Comin'Halford, Tipton, DowningScreaming for Vengeance (1982)5:09
4.Devil's ChildHalford, Tipton, DowningScreaming for Vengeance (1982)4:48
5.Freewheel BurningHalford, Tipton, DowningDefenders of the Faith (1984)4:42
6.JawbreakerHalford, Tipton, DowningDefenders of the Faith (1984)3:25
7.The SentinelHalford, Tipton, DowningDefenders of the Faith (1984)5:24
8.Love Bites (live)Halford, Tipton, DowningPreviously unreleased, recorded in St. Louis, Missouri in 1986 for a radio broadcast5:37
9.Eat Me AliveHalford, Tipton, DowningDefenders of the Faith (1984)3:31
10.Some Heads Are Gonna RollBob Halligan Jr.Defenders of the Faith (1984)4:05
11.Rock Hard Ride FreeHalford, Tipton, DowningDefenders of the Faith (1984)5:00
12.Night Comes DownHalford, Tipton, DowningDefenders of the Faith (1984)4:00
13.Turbo LoverHalford, Tipton, DowningTurbo (1986)5:33
14.Private PropertyHalford, Tipton, DowningTurbo (1986)4:29
15.Parental GuidanceHalford, Tipton, DowningTurbo (1986)3:35
16.Out in the ColdHalford, Tipton, DowningTurbo (1986)6:27
17.Heart of a Lion (studio version)Halford, Tipton, Downingpreviously unreleased, from the Turbo sessions (1986)3:53
Disc four
#제목작사·작곡Original album재생 시간
1.Ram It DownHalford, Tipton, DowningRam It Down (1988)4:48
2.Heavy MetalHalford, Tipton, DowningRam It Down (1988)5:58
3.Come and Get itHalford, Tipton, DowningRam It Down (1988)4:05
4.Blood Red SkiesHalford, Tipton, DowningRam It Down (1988)7:05
5.PainkillerHalford, Tipton, DowningPainkiller (1990)6:06
6.Between the Hammer & the AnvilHalford, Tipton, DowningPainkiller (1990)4:48
7.A Touch of EvilHalford, Downing, Tipton, Chris TsangaridesPainkiller (1990)5:54
8.Metal MeltdownHalford, Tipton, DowningPainkiller (1990)4:47
9.Night CrawlerHalford, Tipton, DowningPainkiller (1990)5:44
10.All Guns BlazingHalford, Tipton, DowningPainkiller (1990)3:57
11.JugulatorDowning, TiptonJugulator (1997)5:50
12.Blood StainedDowning, TiptonJugulator (1997)5:26
13.Machine ManTiptonDemolition (2001)5:15
14.Feed on MeTiptonDemolition (2001)5:28


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