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About user page편집

Hello, Đông Minh. Thanks to contribute in korean wikipedia. I want to talk about your user page template. Your template include "DPRK is the only legitimate government on the Korean Peninsula." I worry about this sentence. Most of Korean wikipedia user live in South korea. Some think 2 government in korean peninsula. Other people disagree 'DPRK is not legitimate government'. Most of decades, Korean society fight against Red purge, I think this declation is not good. At least, I suggest to remove "유일한" in template. It decreases aggro. thanks to read it. --이강철 (토론) 2018년 12월 17일 (월) 15:58 (KST)

About Nguyen Flag편집

Hello, Đông Minh. Thank you for your contribution to the Korean Wikipedia. I just wanted to inform you that the flag i put up is actually the flag of the Nguyen Dynasty. The flag was used from 1802 to 1839, and has nothing to do with Japan. The English Wikipedia also uses this flag as a representative flag of the Nguyen Dynasty. The flag you posted was used during the reign of the Baodai Emperor, and the flag I posted was used during the reign of Emperor Jarong. Thanks for reading. --Akgjao (토론) 2020년 9월 8일 (화) 09:47 (KST)

   I went to the Vietnamese Wikipedia after reading your article. I saw the flag there, and it seemed like what you wrote was right. Thank you for correcting the wrong contents of the Korean Wikipedia.--Akgjao (토론) 2020년 9월 8일 (화) 11:00 (KST)