Deletion request due to insufficient copyright information 편집

kowiki's copyright policy requires a user who wants to request the deletion of a file with insufficient copyright information to ask the uploader to add the file information and delete the file if there is no response by a week later. Of course, obvious copyright infringement is removed immediately, but in general, the lack of copyright information is handled like this. Since you have a bot, I think this notification will not be difficult. Please let me know if you need a template to attach in bulk. --Sotiale (토론) 2020년 4월 26일 (일) 00:15 (KST)답변[답변]

Hi Sotiale! I hope lokal users will go through the list and add the relevant templates. I see that 사용자:유자차 started adding the templates. :-)
Another possible problem is photos of buildings. Are buildings in Korea copyrighted? If yes then someone should check those and either change to fair use or nominate for deletion. --MGA73 (토론) 2020년 4월 26일 (일) 00:29 (KST)답변[답변]

About no licence, source file 편집

Hi! How are you?

If the no licence, source file uploader's edit is no have for five yearㄴ then you can use {{delete}}. But file uploader has edit in 5 years, then you have to talk to file uploader. If you need help, then you can talk to me at my talk page!

I can be rude or my grammar is cannot be right But please understand me! Thank you so much! :) --유자차 (토론) 2020년 4월 27일 (월) 20:24 (KST)답변[답변]

Thank you. Replied on your talk page. --MGA73 (토론) 2020년 4월 27일 (월) 21:17 (KST)답변[답변]

Edit speed 편집

Seems like you are filing hundreds of files into deletion queue. Please slow down, as that is overwhelming amount of files to check and delete, and we have me, Sotiale, and maybe one or two more admins (which totals to less than 5) who works on file. — regards, Revi 2020년 4월 29일 (수) 22:35 (KST)답변[답변]

Hi Revi! Yes there are 282 files in 분류:Bar chart elements for Korean Wikipedia. The files are on Commons and you can take all the time you need to check and delete them. Good news is that there are only a few of those files left to locate and move.
I have 1.650 files ready to move on vi.wikipedia so if you need a break I can go there. --MGA73 (토론) 2020년 4월 29일 (수) 22:46 (KST)답변[답변]

as for using FileImporter 편집

Hello, MGA73. First of all, I'd like to tell you that I'm very thankful that you move local files to Commons with using FileImporter.

By the way, is it ok if I ask you to move all the files in 특수:파일목록/Ganzi91 into Commons? User:Ganzi91 is the user who edits in school-related topics, and from October 2014 to December 2014 he uploaded some local files with public domain license. You can replace 분류:학교 그림 into Category:Schools in South Korea before using FileImporter. Thank you. --吳某君 (·) 2020년 5월 3일 (일) 14:29 (KST)답변[답변]

Hi 吳某君! Thank you!
Yes I can easily move files. We just have to be sure they are okay to move first.
I am not sure about buildings because of what is written on Commons:Commons:Copyright_rules_by_territory/South_Korea#Freedom_of_panorama. If buildings are protected by copyright then we can only keep them if they are very old or if the are de minimis. So I think we need to find out what to do with buildings.
That is why I have not moved any buildings yet. --MGA73 (토론) 2020년 5월 3일 (일) 18:27 (KST)답변[답변]
Thank you for your replying! Well, I totally forgot about Freedom of panorama of South Korea. As there are not so many kowiki users who know Copyright Laws very well, it is hard to determine whether those building photos are protected by law or not. So I understand what you are saying. Thank you again! --吳某君 (·) 2020년 5월 3일 (일) 18:36 (KST)답변[답변]
Yes 吳某君 so the best is if files are checked on and if they are a problem they should be deleted or changed to fair use. I will ask on Commons if all buildings are copyrighted or if they have to be artistic. --MGA73 (토론) 2020년 5월 3일 (일) 18:38 (KST)답변[답변]
See discussion on Commons Commons:Commons_talk:Threshold_of_originality#Buildings --MGA73 (토론) 2020년 5월 3일 (일) 19:52 (KST)답변[답변]